Create your own video lessons!


One of the best lessons you can do for your students is to create a video for them from scratch. It’s a lot of work, but if you do it right, you will have an engaging and unforgettable lesson! I do quite a few of these kinds of video lessons and so I thought it would be a good idea to post one of them on the blog. Here is an example of one of my favorite video lessons. In this lesson I introduced my students to other teachers in their area via a fun video where each ALT answered some simple interview questions. Students watched the video and filled in the following chart:

The Lesson


1. Discussion: (5 min)

1) Did you have an ALT in junior
high school?

2) What do you like about ALT

3) What did you learn from your

2. Preparation : (10 min.)

1) Read the interview questions
2) Review words, brainstorm


Culture [文化]
I enjoy living in a different culture.

(to) travel the world [ 世界一周旅行]
I want to travel the world.

my Hobby is (何何)ing [ 私の趣味は。。]
My hobby is watching movies.

(to) work with….. [一生に働く/勉強する]
I enjoy working with teachers and students in Japan.

Junior High School [中学校]

Senior High School [高等学校]

(t0) Visit… [ 訪ねる]
I will visit my friend tomorrow.

(to) make mistakes [ 間違する]
I often make mistakes in English.

Don’t be afraid to…..[ することを恐れるな]
Don’t be afraid to make mistakes in English.

Watch the video and fill in the chart: 

Check out my post on how to make a video online if you don’t have a video maker. Also, if you would like to see another example of a homemade video lesson, click here.

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  1. Renaud Davies did a fantastic job with his website, and these ALTs in Akita also did a great job on this video!! Now this is what I call going the extra mile using technology to make learning English more interesting and fun.

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