Mr. Bean [video lesson]



The following lesson will require you to download this video.

1. Introduce Mr. Bean to your students and see how many know or have heard of him.

Mr. Bean Vocabulary Worksheet

2. Introduce the vocabulary and then put the students into groups (in the case of small classes, you can have them compete individually)

3. Give the students a minute or two to familiarize themselves with the sentences. For high level students, you can tell them to put their sheets away and work from memory.

4. Tell students that when they see Mr. Bean doing one of the actions on the sheet they must raise their hand and say “Bean!” in a loud voice. You will then pause the video to allow the student to say what Mr. Bean is doing. If correct, the team will receive a point. The team with the most points at the end is the winner.

  • NOTE For shy classes you may have to pause the video and wait for a group to say “Bean”. Also, to avoid one group stealing the show you can make a yasumi rule. That is, once a group gets a point they must wait until another group gets a point before they can participate again.

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